Justin Bieber Crashes Meeting of Gay Republicans, Gets Referred to as "Butch Miley Cyrus"

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Justin Bieber dined alongside a group of gay Republicans on Monday night.

According to Ben Coleman - the event chair of the Los Angeles chapter of the Log Cabin Republican - the organization was having a mixer at State Social House in West Hollywood.

Soon after the party began, Bieber and some friends strolled in and requested their typical spot in the restaurant.

Informed it was occupied by the Republicans, Bieber chose to enjoy his meal there anyway.

So the group carried on with their meeting, chatting about gay rights and other social issues while the world’s most abtastic pop star just hung out in the vicinity.

Coleman called into Jillian Barberie and John Phillips’ “Mid-Day LA” talk radio show yesterday to discuss the encounter (click Play above), admitting he didn’t recognize Bieber at first.

The politician said he believed Bieber was part of a gaggle of girls initially and “looked like kind of a butcher version of Miley Cyrus."

We assume this was due to Bieber's evolving hair.

“So, Justin Bieber crashed our Log Cabin Republican meeting last night,” Coleman also wrote on Facebook. “Like, literally he walked into our upstairs private lounge at State Social House and sat in the corner while Ronald Reagan’s former personal assistant Peggy Grande finished her talk to us. Talk about epic."

He added:

"I tried to get a pic of the Biebs in front of the Log Cabin banner with Peggy and I, but the bodyguards said no. And they had guns. So that didn’t happen. Otherwise it was a dream come true."

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