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If you watched Season 3 Episode 11 of Vanderpump Rules, then you know that SUR’s most notorious playboy, Jax Taylor, was involved in a new kind of romantic rumor. 

Jax and company were in Miami to pre-party for the upcoming Scheana Marie-Mike Shay wedding when they were unexpectedly visited by an old friend by the name of Vincent De Paul.

De Paul and Jax were close (like really close) back when Jax still went by “Jason,” and was struggling to make it as a male model.

The fact that they lived together and De Paul still has a nude photo of Jax hanging on his wall led many to question if there wasn’t more going between the two than just friendship.

The conversation between the men seemed to all but confirm that they’d engaged in some sort of sexual relationship, but De Paul was cagey when speaking with Radar Online recently about the nature of his relationship with Jax.

“People project sometimes that models or actors are gay because of their close camaraderie or friendship,” De paul says. “Jax always loved his fellow models. It was a fellowship type of bonding.”

“We went to LA Fashion Week together and were photographed. They used ‘boyfriends’ in the title, but they meant boyfriends as in good friends.”

Riiiight…because those two things are interchangeable. Even more suspect is the fact that De Paul claims to have no idea about Jax’s sexuality, despite the fact the two were once best friends who freaking lived together!

“Sexually, I’m not sure,” De Paul says. “With Jax, there is always a celebration of everyone: man or woman. He has a great sensitivity, so people can perceive anything about him.”

Of course, this latest rumor comes on the heels of Andy Cohen’s assertion that Jax is in the closet. Given Jax’s history of dishonesty, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever find out the truth, but we think he should just own it.

You’re a male model and bartender in West Hollywood, bro! Help your career a little and come out already!

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for more of Jax’s sneaky maneuvering.