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It was one year ago this week that Dean McDermott checked into rehab for sex, drug, and alcohol addiction. 

The program worked, and if you watch True Tori online, you know that these days Dean’s only addictions are drama, easy money, and the spotlight.

Dean’s bad habits supposedly led to his affair with Emily Goodhand, so it makes sense that Tori is keen to celebrate his first year of sobriety.

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Obviously, Tori and Dean can’t crack an expensive bottle of champagne (Both because he’s sober, and because they’re broke.), so how did they mark the occasion?

With a trip to their local “recovery store,” of course! Yes, apparently that’s a thing:

“Dean and Tori were in My 12 Step Store this afternoon,” a witness tells Radar Online. “Tori bought Dean a one-year medallion because she said that she was so proud of him for staying sober for the past year.”

“They bought some other merchandise as well and Dean said he was in a really good place with his recovery and he thanks God for his sobriety, as it has given him his life and his family back.”

Look, we understand that addiction is rough and anything helps you kick the habit can’t be a bad thing, but the next time these two complain that they’re so broke Dean can’t afford a vasectomy, let’s remind them of the time they bought a bunch of sobriety toys for the 48-year-old’s special day.