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As you’ve likely heard by now, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice reported to prison this week to begin serving a 15 month sentence on fraud charges.

Teresa may be feeling awfully alone these days, but she’s far from the first celeb to get hauled off to the big house. Heck, she’s not even the first Bravo reality star to get locked up in the past year!

Housewives of Atlanta D-bag Apollo Nida is doing 8 years (!) for bank fraud and identity theft, and the whole thing is making us wonder if Andy Cohen is secretly some sort of crime ring kingpin.

We kid. But seriously, getting tossed in the slammer is a proud Hollywood tradition, and you may be surprised by some of the A-listers who have done hard time.

And we’re not talking Lohan-style “45 minutes in jail to scare you straight” time here, either. We’re talking about celebs who spent so much time behind bars that they earned colorful prison nicknames and learned to perfect toilet hooch. 

Some of the entries on this list may surprise you. (Lauryn Hill served three months in a federal joint?!) While others are old hat. (Oh, O.J. – will you never learn?)

In any event, these celebs come from different backgrounds and were at very different stages in their careers when they got locked up.

It serves as a distressing reminder that anyone, at any time can make a mistake that will land them behind bars. Fortunately, it also serves as evidence that sometimes even wealth and fame can’t stand in the way of justice being served.

Take note, Bill Cosby!