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Apollo Nida was charged with fraud and identity theft back in January, and today, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was sentenced to eight years in federal prison.

Nida was operating a scam that involved setting up fake companies in order to create databases that allowed him to find individuals whose private information he would use to embezzle funds.

He opened fake accounts under real names and funneled cash from auto loans and U.S. Treasury checks into those accounts.

He was also accused of opening a fake auto dealership and applying for car loans using stolen identities.

Nida pled guilty in May, and for a time it looked as though he might be able to cop a plea deal and avoid jail time. 

Those hopes were dashed at his sentencing hearing held earlier today.

Nida blamed pressure to keep up with wife Phaedra Parks for motivating him to concoct his elaborate schemes.

He has stated in recent interviews that he and Parks are “working on” their marriage, though they have not been seen together in several weeks.

Nida was not immediately taken into custody, but will surrender himself on a date that has yet to be revealed.

Both Nida and Parks have yet to comment publicly on the sentencing.