2015 Celebrity Death Predictions: Which Stars Can You Bet on to Kick the Bucket This Year?

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As a new year begins, many struggling former stars have high hopes for career rebirths and new beginnings.

Some of them will be successful. Most will not. 

Sadly, a lot of aging former icons and D-list strivers will fade into obscurity, while others will be dealt an even more unfortunate hand.

Yes, unpleasant as it is to contemplate, dozens of celebs will take their final curtain call in 2015, and while it may be a total bummer, there's no reason you can't turn a tidy profit from this morbid fact of life.

We have more famous names now than ever before, which unfortunately means more celebrity deaths than ever before. So why not have a bit of ghoulish fun with your friends and family by starting a celebrity death pool?

We know, we know - it's tasteless and macabre and it's begging for bad karma, but it's also a way of turning a huge negative into a slight positive.

By choosing one of your favorite aging and/or drugged-out celebs, you're guaranteeing yourself a bit of a silver lining, should they happen to shuffle off the mortal coil this year.

Besides, it's not like it's your fault they bit the big one. Have you seen Lindsay Lohan lately? That girl is one strong breeze away from never being seen again. 

And don't get us started on Clint Eastwood. Squinty Clint was talking to chairs in public two years ago and he's somehow still holding on. We get the feeling he might not emerge victorious from his annual showdown with Father Time this year.

Speaking of aging American badasses, George H.W. Bush might still be hopping out of planes, but the dude is 90 years old and he's been in and out of Houston Methodist so much lately that we're starting to think the plaque with his name on it isn't the result of his charitable contributions. After all, ya gotta reserve your favorite room somehow.

Anyway, we here at THG hope every celeb A to Z-list has a healthy and prosperous new year.

But hey, if you're the betting type, you may as well plan ahead and make the best of some bad situations by following our betting guide in the gallery above.

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