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The biggest story to come out of Thursday’s conclusion of the Republican National Convention was not Mitt Romney’s acceptance specch, but #Eastwooding.

Eastwooding being the Twitter hashtag for parodies, jokes and memes at the expense of acting legend Clint Eastwood’s unusual, yet highly entertaining speech.

The 82-year-old debated an invisible Obama in an empty chair in what had to be the strangest endorsement of Romney all week, and the Internet went nuts.

Here’s the original photo – angled so Invisible Obama still uses a teleprompter (subtly hilarious) – along with some of our favorite celebrity-based parodies:

Elizabeth Warren for President
Photo via Getty Images

Clint expressing utter disgust with Keanu Reeves’ first term:

Clint debating Paris Hilton (basically an empty void of air):

President Obama actually showing up for the debate:

Clint debating the Princess Leia hologram from Star Wars:

McKayla Maroney is not impressed by the stunt (or most other things):

And finally, a confounding and disbelieving text from Hillary Clinton