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Get ready for a wave of “Yo dawg, I heard you like drinking and driving” memes!

Rapper and famous ride-pimper Xzibit was arrested for DUI Saturday night just hours after tying the knot with Krista Joiner.

X to the Z joined the long list of celebrities who have been arrested for driving drunk after he was pulled over speeding in Laguna Beach, presumably while on the way home from his own wedding reception.

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Officers reportedly smelled booze on Xzibit’s breath, and the rapper was cuffed and taken into custody. No word on if he spent the night in jail or was allowed to post bail.

Either way, we’re sure it made for a memorable wedding night!


In a way, the bust isn’t all that surprising, as X frequently collaborated with 90s hip hop group The Alkaholiks, and his love of vehicles is well documented. 

But on the other hand, dude is 40 years old and is better remembered as a genial MTV host than as a hip hop badass.

Xzibit has yet to speak out on the charges against him, and he’ll probably get off with a slap on the wrist.

Even so, it must suck to escape the mean streets of Detroit only to get busted for sipping a little too much bubbly at your own wedding.

And with that, the list of celebrities who have been arrested in 2014 gets a little bit longer: