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James Kennedy and Tom Sandoval got into another heated disputed on Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 8, while Jax’s shady ways were once again on display.

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Weeks have passed since Tom Sandoval fought James at Scheana Marie‘s party, as shown on the Season 3 premiere, and now they finally to make amends.

Okay, one of the two did. The other? Not so much.

The outcome of the duo’s big “talk” toward the end of Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 8 was predictable, but that didn’t make it any less awesome.

To say Tom doesn’t care for James Kennedy?

Probably the understatement of all time, and he proved it in spades last night, looking physically pained to even be looking the big-haired Brit in the face.

James’ attempt at a peace treaty hilariously devolved into a shouting match over who Kristen Doute (James’ girlfriend, Tom’s ex) is obsessed with more.

It’s James’ name Kristen is screaming in bed, he pointed out to the chagrin of millions of viewers who just pictured James Kennedy naked on top of her.

An eavesdropping Kristen couldn’t help but pile on Tom and borderline yell her usual cheating allegations at him, no doubt so Ariana Madix would hear.

The final straw came when James said Tom’s various hairstyles annoy the crap out of him, Tom said everything about James annoys him, and stormed out.

This was all so they could supposedly attend Scheana Marie and Mike Shay’s bachelor(ette) party weekend together and NOT get into any more fights, too.

Good times when you watch Vanderpump Rules online this week, and the fun didn’t end with those two, as Jax was his usual Jax-life self. As in creeping.

He set his sights on Vail Bloom, the new, gorgeous hostess who the rest of the SUR gang tried to warn about Jax. She ended up just feeling interrogated.

This is after Jax may or may not have broken up with Tiffany, texted Vail for a possible booty call, then drove down to San Diego to reconcile with Tiffany.

He also thinks San Diego is “out of state.”

Meanwhile, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney started going to couple’s therapy and agreed to work on their relationship, which has hit some rough patches.

Not just because Katie Maloney motorboats crotch or he made out with someone in Vegas, but because the two never have sex and are in such a huge rut.

By and large, this was healthy for them.

They agree to work on things and therapy seems to be going well. Stassi isn’t convinced Tom didn’t cheat more … potently than he makes it sound, though.

Next week, the boys travel out of state, or at least down to San Diego, for a road trip. We’re already way too excited to see what transpires down there …