Celebrities Who Got Arrested in 2014: Don't Do What They Did!

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New years can mean new beginnings, but for some celebrities, the legal woes of 2014 will remain on their records for a long, long time.

We started the year with a big one: Justin Bieber was arrested for drunk driving after being busted for drag racing in Miami.

Sadly, the Biebs remains a free man, and he's probably used the incident to validate his dangerous thug persona.

Later in the year, Bieber lackey Lil Za was arrested for cocaine possession, and many believed he was taking the blame for the Big Boss JB. 

We believe it, and we'll never forgive Za for saving Bieber from doing hard time and encountering actual thugs for the first time in his life.

Moving on from the Biebs (something we hope the whole world can do in 2015), Amanda Bynes arrest for DUI set off a troubling downward spiral that had many fearing for the actress' life.

Fortunately, after months of bizarre behavior and tweets that would have funny if they weren't so worrisome, Amanda seems to have stabilized.

Bynes recently visited the USC campus and is reportedly planning to attend the school next semester. Her choice of major? Psychology, of course.

Speaking of bizarre behavior, Shia LaBeouf was arrested for disorderly conduct at a Broadway performance of Cabaret (?) after allegedly, fighting a homeless man (?!), threatening a cop (?!?!), and groping the performers (?!?!?!?!).

Don't let the year close out on you without watching LaBeouf's hilarious description of his arrest in the video below.

And, of course, learn from the mistakes of these not-so-bright stars and keep your nose clean in 2015. You probably don't have Bieber cash on hand to make your problems go away.

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