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Tuesday night on an emotional True Tori Season 2 Episode 7, Tori Spelling faced her biggest decision to date, while Dean began to break down mentally.

We know. That’s basically the synopsis for every episode ever.

What made this one different? You can watch True Tori online to see for yourself, ’cause no recap can truly do justice to this train wreck, but here goes nothing …

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Watch True Tori Season 2 Episode 7 Online

One thing that’s been an undeniably "reality" from the onset of this series is that you can never rule out the depths to which these two will sink on television.

And boy, True Tori Season 2 Episode 7 was certainly no exception.

It’s Hattie’s third birthday as the episode begins, and Tori’s mom Candy Spelling comes to the party, which obviously makes Tori anxious and unstable.

Also, there is an incredibly random Tatum O’Neal cameo. Tight.

Perhaps more significantly than either of those guests, Dean’s ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace was also present, having been invited by none other than Tori herself.


“Are you… who are you?” Tatum asks Mary Jo. Hilarious.

“Do I know anyone here?” Mary Jo later asks Dean.

He responds, “Probably not. Well, you know T.”

Good news, T … your bestie is here!!!!

Tori and Candy did exchange a few words, which included the bizarre introduction of Dean’s former wife and current True Tori co-star to her oft-estranged mother.

Cue Tori’s anxiety, and HARD.

It’s no surprise that after the fact, she heads to see Dr. Wexler, in shambles over her mother and the fact that she’s supposed to go on a girl’s weekend.

Between her mom and Dean, she’s just unable to shake this anxiety. Tori cries to her therapist, revealing, “I was just so scared to have a daughter."

“Everyone tells me, accept her for what she is, she’s never going to meet your expectations, as a mother,” Tori says, but it’s easier said than done.

In the end, Tori decides to go on the girls’ trip after all, until another woman ruins everything … yes, she learns Dean is at home with THE OTHER WOMAN!

Not Emily Goodhand, obviously (and sadly). That would have been the best plot twist in reality TV history. But he did have a strange girl in the house.

Tori’s nanny texts her while she’s wine tasting in Santa Barbara to tell her Dean has some “chick” over. Is it what she assumes, given Dean’s history?

Actually, it’s a friend from rehab who Dean was interviewing for a babysitting job. Probably no ulterior motives on his part, but it did not go over well.

At all. Tori absolutely flips the f–k out, flees wine country to return home and breaks out in a fight for the ages with Dean, who says he can’t take it anymore.

To be continued