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Thursday marked the return of ABC’s culinary competition, as The Taste Season 3 Episode 1 saw a new crop of amateurs and professionals compete.

With only 16 spots available in the search for America’s best undiscovered cook, The Taste Season 3 Episode 1 was a delicious battle royale indeed.

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We begin with the blind auditions, in which the judges will taste a bite blind. If you watch The Taste online, you know it’s make or break early on!

Firefighter Dan’s crab cake impressed Nigella and Ludo, giving Dan the choice of celebrity advisor, not unlike NBC’s The Voice. He went with Ludo.

Mika crashed and burned, however, while Renee Oteri from The Bachelor was chosen to be on Nigella’s team. Sure beats Juan Pablo’s team.

Eric impressed all four judges with his dish, and he chose Anthony. With the teams chosen, they delved into the action with the theme of "childhood."


The task: Each mentor assigned a type of dish for their team to cook, then chose the best dish to represent the team in a blind taste test by Stephanie Izard.

That renowned chef decided that Nigella’s team had the worst bite, which in turn meant that Nigella had to choose one of her cooks to be sent home.

P.K. seemed like the consensus pick to get the chop, but Nigella sent home Renee. Again, it sure beats getting booted out by Juan Pablo Galavis.