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With the possible exception of free porn and photos of cats in Halloween costumes, there’s nothing the Internet loves more than attractive people getting arrested.

Over the summer, we had the original “hot mug shot guy,” Jeremy Meeks.

Last month, Meeks passed the torch (and hopefully the number for a good bail bondsman) to Sean Kory.

Now, we offer you proof that getting locked while looking like you just stepped off a runway isn’t just for men. Ladies and gentlemen, Cute Mugshot Girl:

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That’s 18-year-old North Carolina resident Alyssa Suguro Bathrick. She got popped for possession of prescription pills, but was soon out of the clink and bragging about her bust on Twitter.


“Surrendered myself at 7 am, released by 11:30 am,” Alyssa tweeted. “F-ck what you heard. And my mugshot’s cute #ftp”

When a follower asked what she was arrested for, Alyssa hilariously answered, “xanax homey.”

Yes, she’s every bit as charming as she is pretty. 

In case you were wondering, #ftp means “f-ck the police,” which we’re assuming is Alyssa’s commentary on recent events in the news and not just more of her being a moron.

Who knows what the future has in store for Alyssa? Rehab? Modeling? Heck, maybe she’ll dabble in both. All we know for sure is she’s earned her spot on the list of 2014’s most attractive small-time criminals.