The Colbert Report Finale: A Farewell to Greatness

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The Colbert Report has aired its final episode last night, bowing out after nine years on Comedy Central with a hilariously self-congratulatory farewell.

From a star-studded parade of guests, one last Shout Out, one final installment of The Word, and one glorious musical number, it was a fitting goodbye.

As for what he will do next, luckily Santa Claus and Abraham Lincoln showed up just in time to introduce Stephen Colbert to the "one with all the answers."

That was Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, who reminded him that the two of them would always be there for America (despite the fact that Trebek is Canadian).

With that, Stephen signed off, and we cut to Jon Stewart for a touching, character-breaking moment of Zen between the two Comedy Central co-stars from 2010.

Darned if it didn't get a little dusty in our living rooms.

He'll be back on late night TV screens sometime next summer when Colbert replaces David Letterman on the Late Show, but never quite like this again.

"Thanks for that report, Stephen," from all of us.

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