Stephanie Moseley Death: Earl Hayes Was Selling Drugs Prior to Tragic Murder-Suicide

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As police uncover more information about Earl Hayes, a picture is emerging of just how troubled the 34-year-old rapper truly was in the months leading up to his murder of Stephanie Moseley

First, we learned that Hayes was still distraught over an alleged affair between Moseley and Trey Songz that had ended several years prior to the murder.

Then we learned that Floyd Mayweather had witnessed the murder, as Hayes had bizarrely called the boxer on FaceTime just before committing the crime.

Now, police have a revealed that they discovered over 10 pounds of high-grade marijuana in Hayes' home. It's a quantity far greater than what anyone would need for personal use, and it suggests that Hayes was deep into drug-dealing at the time f his death.

Obviously, selling pot is a pretty minor crime when compared with the murder-suicide Hayes committed earlier this week, but the discovery is still significant.

The sheer quantity of pot that Hayes kept in his apartment, suggests that he was a supplier - someone height on the totem pole who provides product for lower-level dealing.

Despite his lofty status, the fact that Hayes was dealing at all indicates that he was suffering from some pretty serious financial troubles.

Hayes was a part of Mayweather's "Money Team," but clearly his entourage duties weren't paying his bills, and he may have felt pressured to keep pace with the lavish lifestyle of Mayweather and his friends.

Sadly, we'll likely never know what exactly drove Hayes to end two young lives. 

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