Lindsay Lohan Video Game: Actually a Real Thing!

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Remember the Kim Kardashian video game that somehow went on to make millions of dollars despite being a video game about Kim Kardashian?

Well, apparently Lindsay Lohan heard about the type of money that can be earned from turning an idealized version of her life into an app and - realizing that she nose-bled all over her last $20 the night before - decided to enter the gaming biz!

Yes, Lindsay Lohan: The Price of Fame is a real thing that apparently debuted at number ten in the App Store yesterday. If nothing else, the title is apt - if anyone knows about the price of fame, it's LiLo:

Randomly, the game was programmed by OK Go guitarist Andy Ross because apparently he thought it would be funny to people still want to work with Lindsay. Go figure!

Of course, several users have pointed out the inherent irony in the game - Lindsay Lohan helps the user to score an A-list career in Hollywood, while in real life Lindsay Lohan is struggling to become a movie star again herself.

Fun fact: We just mentioned "Lindsay Lohan" and "user" in the same sentence without talking about drugs!

We kid LiLo because we love her, of course. These days, Lindsay is back in the States after an extended stay in London, and friends say she's been keeping mostly sober.

So maybe Linds has something to teach us after all. We can't wait til next year's addictive sequel, Lindsay Lohan: The Cost of Rehab.

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