Lindsay Lohan Moving Back to America: Get Ready to Party, NYC!

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Well, it was a nice run while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. Yes, after eight months of wreaking her freckly havoc overseas, Lindsay Lohan is returning to America.

Maybe it's the fact that Lohan is finally off probation. Maybe she wasn't able to find a "rich Brit" like she'd planned.

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Or Maybe watching the Cowboys destroy the Jaguars in London this week reminded her of how she used to destroy her liver in American clubs.

But whatever the reason, Lindsay is reportedly returning to the city of her birth as soon as she wraps her current West End theater run. 

So watch out, New Yorkers! The polar vortex isn't the only thing that's about to bury Manhattan in white powder!

"She never intended on staying in London forever," a friend tells Radar Online. "She does love it there and has made some great friends, but NYC will always be her home."

"Lindsay is just homesick right now and wants to be around her family and close friends."

The insider adds that LiLo is looking forward to returning to her "strong support network" in the States.

Never mind that Lindsay ignored her sober friends the entire time she was in London and reportedly moved overseas mainly to go on a hassle-free bender. 

Now that her money dried up or her liver exploded she's feeling homesick, Lindsay just wants to return to the city where she got her start. We give it a week until she's back on probation.

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