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Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer recently confronted her husband Jeremy Calvert’s "other woman" Brittany Musick, and their Twitter exchange may surprise you.

Why? Not only were the women both amicable, but Leah seemed genuinely in the dark that her own marriage was kaput, and Brittany very candid with her:

If you missed it, Leah discovered Jeremy Calvert and Brittany Musick texting a few weeks ago, with him claiming his two-year marriage to the reality star was over.

This was news to her.

Messer then contacted her for clarity on the situation, and Musick shared their exchanges – which took place back on December 5 – with In Touch.

“He wants to come home tomorrow,” the stay at home mother of three direct messaged Musick, a West Virginia single mom of one son Kai, 16 months.

“I’m just asking if you guys did meet? All you have to say Brittany is yes or no. This isn’t about him you or myself this involves my babies and I’m sure you know that feeling.”

“No, we was planning to,” Musick responded, honestly.

“Just didn’t get too cause he was working so much.”

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that’s not surprisingly, as it’s been a recurring issue for Leah. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t hollering.

Musick, who says she’s no home wrecker, revealed that Calvert told her he filed for divorce and sent her photos of his nether regions. Leah Messer was crushed.

“To even think I had sex with my husband during this,” she wrote, with a crying face emoticon, telling Musick, “I want to thank you for being honest.”

In later texts, Messer called Calvert’s infidelity “embarrassing” and even apologized for his behavior after Musick provided proof of Jeremy sexting her.

“She told me… she didn’t know what to do,” Musick says, adding that she forwarded her a naked photo Calvert had sent to prove she was telling the truth.

“Yes ma’am… that would be my husband,” Musick says Messer sighed, and resigned herself to the fact that her man had strayed, at least in the virtual sense.

According to Radar, Calvert is itching to initiate an official split, but hasn’t pulled the trigger yet because of his conservative family’s disapproval of divorce.

He appears to be quietly playing the field, however.