Amanda Bynes to Enroll at USC; Troubled Actress Makes Interesting Choice of Major...

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After a troubling few months, during which the actress displayed signs of severe mental illness, Amanda Bynes appears to be recovering nicely.

Sources say Amanda is still being tracked by her parents via her phone and Uber account as a safety precaution, but she appears to be more stable than she's been in years. 

Amanda Bynes on the Loose in LA

In fact, after being kicked out of fashion school in September, Amanda is reportedly intent on finishing her degree, and she may enroll at USC as early as next semester.

Although this time, Amanda won't be studying fashion. Interestingly, she's set her sights on a degree in psychology.

"I took a USC campus tour yesterday it was sick!" Bynes tweeted on Wendesday. "I plan on transferring from FIDM. The campus is sick!"

Well, she certainly seems excited. Either that or she's trying to tell us that a lot of Trojans are in need of flu shots.

Witnesses say they saw Bynes tooling around campus on a golf cart, wearing headphones, and loudly singing "Roar" by Katy Perry.

We're glad she's on the mend, but isn't it a little early for Amanda to be whipping a motor vehicle in a crowded area.

Let's not forget her current meltdown started when Bynes was arrested for DUI after stopping her car in the middle of an intersection. Some baby steps might be in order.

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