Jeremy Calvert Texts, Flirts With Brittany Musick

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Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert texts a random girl. One whose name is not Leah Messer. Her name is Brittany Musick. Take a look at what he's writing to her and see what you think.

1. Can I Get a Follow?

Can I Get a Follow?
A Jeremy Calvert admirer moves in for the kill on Twitter!

2. When Can U Come Up

When Can U Come Up
Jeremy doesn't seem like he's opposed to chilling ...

3. I Bet U Get a Lot of Hollering!

I Bet U Get a Lot of Hollering!
Jeremy's potential paramour comes right out and brings up his estranged Teen Mom 2 star wife. What will happen next?!

4. I'm Not Married!

I'm Not Married!
Jeremy drops the bomb! Either he's not married or blatantly lying about being not married.

5. God Ur Hot

God Ur Hot
She sort of is. Sorry Leah.

6. We Can FaceTime

We Can FaceTime
Doesn't waste any (face) time, does she?

7. I Don't Wanna Get F--ked

I Don't Wanna Get F--ked
Well, maybe literally he does. Are we right?!? But seriously, we get what he probably meant.

8. I'm Just Me

I'm Just Me
Aww Jer, don't be so modest. Unless you're playing hard to get to make yourself seem even more desirable. In which case well played.

9. U Excited? LOL

U Excited? LOL
More so with each passing text, we're guessing.

10. Your Lil Girl is Cute Too

Your Lil Girl is Cute Too
Okay, bringing up his little daughter is an interesting move. Guess you might as well not beat around the bush.

11. R U Staying the Night?

R U Staying the Night?
Looks like things are getting pretty serious.

12. Brittany Music

Brittany Music
Is that even her real name? Brittany Music just sounds suspicious.

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