Brittany Musick Opens Up About Jeremy Calvert Romance: I'm No Homewrecker, Leah Messer Is!

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Last week, we learned that Teen Mom 2's Jeremy Calvert and Brittany Musick, a West Virginia Woman, have been hollering at each other via text message.

Understandably, Calvert's soon-to-be-ex-wife, Leah Messer, is less than pleased with the idea of Jeremy dating someone new just a few weeks after he moved out.

"Seeking attention gets us nowhere," Messer tweeted in a status update, likely targeted at Brittany. "Make yourselves better than others and stand above the odds."

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In addition to subtly talking trash, Messer, who recently quit Teen Mom 2 has done nothing to discourage her fans from attacking Musick on Twitter. 

After several days of abuse, Brittany Musick finally responded by making her tweets private and issuing a reply to her growing chorus of haters:

"I'm not the homewrecker," Musick wrote in response to the most popular taunt used by Leah's fans. "If anyone, Leah is. I just heard about their divorce and he confirmed it."

"So why not talk to him and chill. Why don't you quit worrying about what I do and worry about your own life? K? Thanks."

It's not clear what Musick meant by calling Leah the homewrecker, but it's been rumored that Messer cheated on Calvert with her former boyfriend Robbie Kidd.

In any case, read Jeremy's alleged, flirtatious texts with Brittany for yourself:

Whatever's going on, it's been a rough stretch lately for Jeremy and Leah.

Jeremy Calvert claimed on Twitter (obviously) that he discovered evidence of this affair, which led to his decision to begin divorce proceedings.

Meanwhile, Kidd has publicly denied cheating with Messer, while she has denied any divorce with Jeremy is taking place. It's all very confusing.

You can watch Teen Mom 2 online to see Leah and Jeremy in happier times, and hit the comments below to tell us what you think is going on here.

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