Jeremy Calvert: Hollering at Brittany Musick Over Text Behind Leah Messer's Back!

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Jeremy Calvert is allegedly getting his flirt on with another girl via text message, despite Leah Messer's public declaration that the two are still married.

In fact, in this text message exchange, Jeremy (if it's really him) blatantly declares that he's not married, so either Leah's lying or he is. Take a look see:

Leah Messer has recently sought to reassure fans that she’s still married to Jeremy Calvert, denying a recent rumor that she's pregnant by Robbie Kidd.

Moreover, she's said to be trying to get sober to win Jeremy back, but if this text exchange with a woman named Brittany Musick (seriously) is legit?

Looks like it's 2 little, 2 late for the Teen Mom 2 cutie.

Radar published the alleged conversation between Calvert, 25, and West Virginia-bred beauty Brittany, 27, indicating the sweet Musick (sorry) they're making.

Claiming he’s no longer married to the mother of three daughters (one of whom is Jeremy's), Calvert sure sounds like he's on the prowl for ladies.

Or at least willing to entertain the idea, despite his desire not to get "f--ked" again ... in the figurative sense. So how did these texts hit the Internet?

A friend of Musick provided them to the celebrity gossip site, which contacted Musick, who said she was “shocked” to learn about the MTV star’s divorce.

“I said ‘The way Leah talks on Twitter, it seems as if ya’ll are still together,'" she recalled, though not according to Jeremy. "But he said ‘No, it’s not true.’”

Either way, it's not looking good for the pair now.

The couple has been up against it from the start.

Between her twins' health issues, her custody battle with previous husband Corey Simms, and Leah's problems with prescription drugs, it's been an uphill fight.

Have they already thrown in the towel?

Leah quit Teen Mom 2 recently, and in light of these leaked texts, it looks like she may have been trying to keep her second divorce out of the public eye.

As always, you can watch Teen Mom 2 online to see how she got to this point, but it doesn't look like she'll be on future episodes if/when the show returns.

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