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Well, it’s official…sort of.

Months after a rumor that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are married spread across the Internet like wildfire, one tabloid has dialed it back and is now claiming that Gaga and Kinney got engaged over the holidays.

On Christmas Day, Gaga tweeted, “Merry Christmas monsters, today has been the happiest day of my life.”

Lady Gaga at SAGs

Interesting, but there are a lot of reasons the Mother Monster may have felt that way. Maybe she finally got the new stainless steel nipple clamps or shrunken monkey head she’s been asking for.

But In Touch jumped on the cryptic tweet and claimed to have all the answers.

Yes, according to the tabloid, Kinney proposed to Gaga, and she accepted.

In fairness, there is a good deal of evidence that suggests Gaga and Kinney will be getting hitched in the near future.

Gaga was seen wedding dress shopping in Toronto back in July, and both she and Kinney have been spotted rocking expensive-looking rings on that finger. (Engagement or “commitment” rings for dudes are all the rage in Hollywood these days.)

So it’s quite possible Christmas was unusually merry for Gaga because her dude finally got down on bended knee. Actually, this a Lady Gaga proposal we’re talking about; he probably tattooed the proposal on his back and had a performance artist threw up on it.

Ya know, traditional-style.