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Kylie Jenner’s name almost can’t be mentioned on social media or gossip sites these days without a reference to her bold, plump, possibly artificially enhanced lips.

Or her age, which is 17. Seven. Teen. But mostly her lips.

A look at some photos of Kylie Jenner’s lips from this month, compared to last December, really drives home why. This side by side breakdown says it all:

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott W Magazine Cover
Photo via Instagram

It seems like a daily event that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posts a controversial, age-inappropriate selfie with those puckers front and center.

She knows the attention this gets, and pretends it bothers her sometimes, because you can’t admit you’re trolling for fame that hard, but Kylie clearly loves it.

Jenner recently denied plastic surgery rumors, and attributed her changing look to heavy lip liner and expert makeup application, a la big sister Kim Kardashian.

Whatever she wants to attribute to … wow. Just wow.

Last week, Jenner was at it again, matching mauve lipstick with a glittery smoky eye and bodacious false eyelashes to attend the Kardashian Christmas party.

Her appearance there was nothing short of shocking.

Jenner’s outrageous lips, compared to Christmas 2013, make her look like she’s aged 5-10 years, not one. And she was still into big lips by last year! Wild.

How might the epic transformation continue in 2015?

We can’t even imagine, but take a look at the photo gallery below to see how the 17-year-old (!) has transformed thus far and try to pick your jaw up off the floor: