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After three years of dating, it looks as though Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have gotten hitched!

First, Gaga was spotted wedding dress shopping while on tour in Toronto. (Her mother flew in for the occasion, so it’s safe to assume Stefani wasn’t just in the mood to rock something white.)

Yesterday, we received even more conclusive evidence from the Instagram page of Taylor’s Chicago Fire costar Sophia Bush:

Lady Gaga at SAGs
(Getty Images for Turner)

That’s Taylor hugging Sophia at a a press event. Seems like nothing out of the ordinary, until you notice what appears to be a wedding band on Taylor’s left hand. And then there are Sophia’s hashtags:

“#ThatsHisPersonalRing #NotForTheShow #EveryoneCalmDown #LindsayAndSeverideArentMarried”

Yeah, everyone calm down – the two fictional characters these actors portray are not married. Holy crap, does that mean Taylor is married in real life?!


Sure, there might be other reasons for the wedding band. Maybe Taylor is playing a married man in a different project and decided to wear his ring to a Chicago Fire press event for some reason.

But we’re gonna with the more likely explanation which is that Taylor is now Mr. Mother Monster.

We’d like to offer our congrats to the happy couple and express how pissed we are that this wedding was kept under wraps. Can you imagine a Gaga wedding? We wonder if she wore white meat.