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It was only a matter of time before someone in Hollywood said something colossally stupid about the Sony hacking scandal, so perhaps the rest of the town owes Judd Apatow a debt of gratitude.

But before we get to the idiocy, some background information is in order:

You may not have heard about Sony getting hacked, because it wasn’t nearly as devastating to the reputations of showbiz bigwigs as the North Korean group responsible had hoped it would be. (Read: no one cared.)

Jennifer Lawrence at Her Final X-Men Premiere

Basically, some private emails were leaked, some producers looked stupid and arguably racist, we found out Sony is as sick of Adam Sandler as the rest of us, and that was the end of it.

Unless you’re Judd Apatow…


If you’re Judd Apatow, this whole thing is on par with a sex crime. Judd Apatow feels violated! To Judd Apatow, it’s just like that time nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence were stolen and leaked online. Seriously:

“Releasing private Sony e mails to hurt people is the same as releasing nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence,” Apatow tweeted. “Why are they ok to print?”

Yeah, guys – Judd Apatow is hurt! Which is weird, because thus far, none of the leaked emails have concerned Apatow. We’re guessing there’s one on deck about how he hasn’t written a decent movie since Pineapple Express. 

So, the dude thinks some producers being forced to answer for their BS is the same as The Fappening – in which hundreds of young women had their most intimate moments exposed to the world against their will.

That’s pretty dumb, but it’s arguably not as dumb as what Apatow said next:

“When they can do whatever you want with Sony they can do whatever they want with the grid,” Judd tweeted, thus stunning the world with the revelation that a man this dense is capable keyboard.

Yes, it’s true, y’all. The US is susceptible to a cyber-terrorist attack and our top defense experts were presumably totally oblivious to this fact until Judd Apatow went and got his panties in a bunch because some executive got called out for calling Angelina Jolie a brat.

So maybe we should thank the hackers for pointing out our vulnerability. Maybe now we’ll stop keeping our nuclear launch codes in a file with “password” as the password.

Actually, no – we should thank Judd Apatow, the last true patriot. You can go back to writing jokes about Seth Rogen’s dong now, Judd.