Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: The Lies We Tell

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Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 7 focused on truth, lies and babies.

Intrigued as to exactly how those three fit together? Just proceed ...

Where to begin? At the onset of Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 7, one half of this famous reality TV couple ended up being grilled regarding this crucial issue:

Does she want to get pregnant with a second child or not? 

In a development that was not at all scripted for the sake of their reality show, Tamar was somehow forced to take a lie detector test so we could learn the truth.

If you watch Tamar & Vince online, are you surprised?

Meanwhile, Tamar was also preoccupied with promoting a new track while juggling both her new talk show and her fashion line. A lot on her plate for sure.

Vince, meanwhile, was ready to bring Miracle home.

How did it go? Did their Miracle arrive just in time for the holidays? Just follow the link above to see the drama unfold from start to finish right here and now.

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