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Last week, Gia Giudice’s girl group 3KT posted a teaser for their debut music video online.

The clip was controversial for a number of reasons.

First of all, there were rumors that Teresa Giudice spent $10,000 on the video despite the fact that she has millions in debt and is soon to be headed to federal prison on fraud charges.

Then there was the footage itself. 

The preview suggested some inappropriately risque scenes (Gia, the youngest member of the group is only 13) and the full video that was released over the weekend proved to be even more unsettling than anyone anticipated:


The group’s manager, Mark DeSantis, recently responded to claims that the dancing and attire are wildly exploitative and unsuitable for girls in their early teens:


"They’re fully dressed," said DeSantis in his creepy defense of the clip. "They’ve been competition dancers since they were toddlers. They’re on stage competing."

The video features the group covering Britney Spears’ 2008 single "Circus," and despite the fact that the song is not an original, even the lyrics of 3KT’s first video have generated controversy.

Those who are able to endure the video up to the 3:00 mark are treated to a pretty horrendous rap verse from 3KT’s "Lil Cee" in which the high school sophomore boasts about her wealth and mocks people who "make minimum wage."

Considering Gia Giudice’s mother is headed to prison for fraud and has blamed her crimes on her need to maintain a lavish lifestyle, the song seems very poorly times, if nothing else.

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