Flight Attendant Covers "Royals" on Plane to Pass Time During Delay, Becomes Viral Hit

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Flight attendant Robynn Shayne took in-flight entertainment to a new level, busting out her own guitar and performing Lorde's hit "Royals" to kill time during a delay.

Watch the impromptu recent performance that earned her viral fame:

Robynn's "Royals" cover actually came at the behest of a colleague:

"On a lovely winter day I came across my coworker Robynn who I noticed was carrying a guitar with her on our trip," Nick Stracener explained on YouTube.

"I then asked her if she played and she said she loves to play and sing. Then this happened. Let's get this video viral for her and get her a record deal!"


Well, he's got one of the three in the bag.

Nick's YouTube video of Robynn singing and playing her guitar has more than 600,000 views as of this post, and at least one of the viewers was Lorde!

On Thanksgiving, she Tweeted a link to a story about Shayne, writing "Robynn, I love you." Shayne, a flight attendant for American Airlines, was flattered.

She returned the love on Facebook, sharing a screen shot of the 18-year-old songbird's tweet about her with the caption "Best Thanksgiving EVER!"

And best flight. Well, minus the delay.

Seriously though. Can Robynn be the flight attendant every time we have to fly from now on? This beats a movie on those tiny little screens any day.

It also beats taking mile high selfies.

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