Mile High Selfies: Have YOU Joined the Club?

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There's a new selfie trend on the block - and this one's on top of the world. Literally.

Flight attendants and crew members around the globe have taken to sharing their mile high selfies with followers on social media. All is well, however, as the mile high part of this club isn't the mile high club to which Chrissy Teigen belongs.

(Thank our lucky stars!)

Hey, flight attendants are Instagram-loving people, too, okay!?! 

Some veterans in the industry think the trend is imprudent and bound to get the younger generation of flight attendants in trouble thanks to many airlines' strict guidelines over images shared in and around their airplanes.

As it turns out, as long as the uniforms are being worn correctly and pictures are hitting the Internet at appropriate times, the flight attendants aren't doing anything wrong. 

What's NOT the appropriate time to take a selfie? When a plane is crashing. But yep, those exist.

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