Excited Dog Interrupts Weather Report, Wants To Be a TV Star

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As has been made clear in the past, it's difficult to report on the weather while trying to also keep control of an excitable canine.

Ryan Phillips can now attest to that fact, as the meteorologist for NBC 6 in Miami was trying to inform viewers of pending sunshine last Saturday when a one-year old American bulldog mix decided to get in on the action.

"Hi, King, how are ya?" Phillips said as the dog jumped up on his dresk. "It's not your turn yet! Just let me do the weather!"

Turns out, King was the station’s Pet of the Week. He’s up for adoption and is described on the Pooches in Pines Facebook page as a “young boy just looking for a loving forever home.”

As NBC 6 later noted, King needs owners that "can provide him with a good amount of room and lots of playtime."

Provided you aren't trying to report on the weather while you care for him, King would make the perfect pet!

If you need further convincing, just consider all these reasons for why bulldogs are totally and completely awesome:

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