Mile High Selfies

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Take a look at these mile high seflies! Because what ELSE are you supposed to do on a Trans-Atlantic flight?

1. Mile High Selfie

Mile High Selfie
Alexandra showed off her Air Canada uniform in her mile high selfie on Instagram.

2. LOST!

We're having LOST flashbacks with this mile high seflie. You know the scene...

3. Cockpit Selfie

Cockpit Selfie
This is as sexy as the mile high club is getting in these mile high selfies. We hope. Even the captains got in on this action.

4. Air Asia Selfie

Air Asia Selfie
These Air Asia flight attendants are quite fond of the mile high selfies!

5. In the Galley

In the Galley
What else do flight attendants do during their downtime on Trans-Atlantic flights? Take mile high selfies, of course!

6. Guys Love Selfies

Guys Love Selfies
Guys take more selfies than girls, according to studies. This guy's mile high selfie adds to the number.

7. Ready For Takeoff!

Ready For Takeoff!
This flight attendant is ready for takeoff! To prove it, here's a mile high selfie!

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