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When she welcomed home her boyfriend, Air Force airman Jon Greko, at the Detroit airport before Christmas, Emma Trabue got more than she bargained for.

In the best possible way. See below:

Christmas Air Force Proposal

As Trabue waited for her beloved, passenger after passenger handed her roses as they exited the aircraft, until Greko himself finally appeared with a bouquet.

Sweet, right?

It was a touching, romantic and grand gesture … that quickly became 100 times grander when he dropped down to one knee and proposed on the spot!

Trabue’s sister Kelsey, who posted the video online, explained that Jon previously asked Emma to marry her over the phone while he was at basic training.

Presumably, this she said yes. Nevertheless, he wanted to chance to “properly propose” in person, and worked with Delta Airlines to do so in style.

Thanks to a special security pass arranged via the airline, she was allowed to welcome him home at the gate, which anyone could do back in the day.

Moved as she was by a parade of passengers handing her roses, Trabue was frustrated that Greko himself was not there, until he made the wait worth it.

A crowd of onlookers cheered Greko’s aww-inspiring move, and Jon instantly earned a spot in THG’s collection of the best marriage proposals ever: