Wheel of Fortune Fail: What the L?!?

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Wheel of Fortune? More like Wheel of... OOPS!

Over the past several weeks, we've chronicled a number of embarrassing moments on this beloved game show.

There was the Wheel of Fortune contestant who mispronounced a solved puzzle and cost himself a chance at $1 million in April.

And then there was the Wheel of Fortune contestant who pretty much took the worst puzzle guess in recorded history.

But neither of those snafus can really compare to the following mistake, which is the one mistake no Wheel of Fortune contestant should ever make. What was so egregious? Find out now:

Like we said above: OOPS!

Why do we have a feeling that this young man's former teachers used to write on his report card that he has a problem with listening?

At least he can take solace in the fact that he isn't alone. Let's take a look at other memorable moments in game show history, shall we?

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