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She’s not just the Duchess’ little sister anymore! Pippa Middleton has reportedly inked a deal to be an on-air correspondent with NBC’s Today Show.

It’s an odd choice, considering Pippa was fired from her previous job as a newspaper columnist.

She’s also notoriously press-shy.

Pippa avoided American interviews until June of 2014 when she finally sat down…with Matt Lauer of the Today show.

Pippa Middleton Today Show Interview

So yes, it’s looking as though NBC is more infatuated with Pippa’s famous name and royal connections than they are with Pippa herself, but hey – a job’s a job!


Of course, some traditionalists at Buckingham Palace may not be thrilled with the idea of Prince William’s sister-in-law taking a commoner’s job on an American television series, but Pippa’s famous backside can’t pay the bills on its own. She’s not a Kardashian!

Pippa, of course, is not the first member of a famous political family to be hired by Today.

George W. Bush’ s daughter Jenna Bush Hager joined Today in 2009, and was a surprise hit with audiences.

Will Pippa be as popular? Only time will tell, but we get the feeling it would boost ratings if she became the first correspondent to deliver her reports facing away from the camera. Dat booty is world-famous.