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If you watched True Tori Season 2 Episode 4, then you know Tori Spelling had a sit-down with Dean McDermott’s first wife, Mary Jo Eustace, in an effort to help her better understand her cheating husband … and of course, ramp up drama for the show.

Watch True Tori Season 2 Episode 4 Online
Watch True Tori Season 2 Episode 4 Online

Now it seems the gambit has backfired, as fans of the series are taking Mary Jo’s side over Tori’s. As you might have guessed, Tori is less than pleased with this development:

"Mary Jo is coming off as a class act amongst all these crazy people," a production insider tells Radar Online. "Not only is Mary Jo gorgeous, but she’s a genuinely nice person, too."

Even though some of True Tori’s most cringe-worthy moments involve Dean talking about what an awful wife Mary Jo is, viewers seem to be seeing things differently.

Fans have expressed their support for Mary Jo online, and her appearance on the show has even led to a career revival for the Canadian actress and TV personality.


Last night’s episode of the Lifetime train wreck began with Tori crying over the fact that her TV series Mystery Girls was canceled after one season.

Her acting career is reportedly DOA at this stage, and the Spelling-McDermott’s financial troubles are public knowledge to anyone who reads gossip sites.

Needless to say, boosting her husband’s ex-wife’s career was not Tori’s main goal when she signed on to star on a painfully personal reality show.

"With no new projects on the horizon, Tori can’t believe that Mary Jo is getitng all these offers while she’s receiving none," says the source. "Mary Jo is the person Tori wants to be – someone that everyone likes."

Looks like you win this round, Mary Jo. Hands down. You can watch True Tori online at TV Fanatic to see the Battle of Dean McDermott’s Victims rage on.