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Earlier today, the world learned that Chris Hemsworth is People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2014. 

The honor forever cements Chris’ place as the Awesome Hemsworth, and reminds the world that his brother Liam is the one who got engaged to a pre-twerk Miley Cyrus before going on to get like three seconds of screen time in The Hunger Games.

However, Chris may never have been able to add “Sexiest Dude” to a resume that already includes “Thor” and “more Thor” were it not for Ryan Gosling who’s apparently just not into labels, girl.

“They tried a few times, especially during his huge year in 2011,” says a source close to Gosling. The Baby Goose reportedly had zero interest in the title and believed it would hurt his career.

Who could blame him? Look what it did to Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon. Where are those losers now?

A rep for People declined to comment on Gosling turning down Sexiest Man in the past, but did say that The Notebook heartthrob was not in the running for in 2014:

“While I look forward to the day when Ryan Gosling is named Sexiest man Alive, this was not the year,” says the magazine’s editorial director. 

“Our 2014 honoree Chris Hemsworth was our first and only choice. If you want to know why, just look at him. I mean seriously.”

Pretty much every year, fans demand Gosling be named Sexiest Man Alive and the news that he flat-out doesn’t want the title is unlikely to calm the rabid gals and guys responsible for the web’s endless supply of “Hey, girl” memes.

Fortunately, plenty of other magazines have recognized that Ryan is an alright-looking dude. In fact, just last year, Gosling was named “most f–kable” celeb by Details magazine. Yes, apparently that’s a thing.

Meanwhile, Jonah Hill is still waiting to hear from any magazine that wants to give him any title. Seriously guys, even like “Most Improved” or “Would, As Long As Your Friends Didn’t Find Out.”  Jeez, it’s like he lost those four pounds for nothing!