Occupy People: Protesters Denounce Bradley Cooper, Demand Ryan Gosling Be Named Sexiest Man Alive

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Should Ryan Gosling be the Sexiest Man Alive instead of Bradley Cooper?

Protesters from celebrity gossip / social media site BuzzFeed demonstrated on behalf of that cause yesterday, picketing outside People magazine headquarters.

Ryan Gosling Premiere Pic

About 15 people in Gosling masks voiced opposition to the publication naming Bradley Cooper the Sexiest Man Alive earlier this week, saying they are "devastated."

They've also started a Pro-Gosling People Magazine Protest on Facebook. Clearly the man can make a strong case, but no love for Cooper? C'mon, he's no slouch.

Let's put it to a vote: Which of the two should be Sexiest Man Alive?!

And the Winner is?

Who should be the Sexiest Man Alive, Bradley Cooper (who already has the title) or Ryan Gosling (who some feel is more deserving)? You vote and decide! View Poll ยป

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