Hey Girl: 17 Hot Ryan Gosling Photos to Make Your Day, Every Day

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We're gonna need the Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling break up stories to be true or for someone to confirm they're definitely together because the lust for him is sort of out of control. 

Ryan Gosling is HOT

(Must be something in that Mouseketeer water because his pal Justin Timberlake is a mighty fine looking man, too.)

(If Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are together, we'll worship from afar. But if they're not, well, then we're saying there's still a chance. (Name that movie; get bonus points!)

Here are the 17 hottest Ryan Gosling photos for you to ogle over lunch.

We know, we know. We're fanning ourselves over here too.

It definitely got a little warmer in here after that, right?

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