19 Hottest Photos of Ryan Gosling

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Need some eye candy for your afternoon? Check out the 19 hottest photos of Ryan Gosling and be prepared to turn on the air conditioning because it's getting hot in hurrrr.

1. Shirtless Ryan Gosling

Shirtless Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling gets shirtless. You're welcome ladies. YOu're welcome.

2. Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy Stupid Love
Ryan Gosling showed so crazy stupid abs for Crazy Stupid Love. Shirtless Ryan Gosling is delicious.

3. Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero
Ryan Gosling is a surprisingly good singer and guitar player, but even if he could do neither we'd still love him.

4. Premiere Ready

Premiere Ready
Whether it's a red carpet premiere, a photo shoot, or a movie still, Ryan Gosling is always hot.

5. Motorcycle Mania

Motorcycle Mania
Ryan Gosling rode a motorcycle in the movie Place Beyond the Pines. He looks pretty good on that bike, right?

6. Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Ryan Gosling is so adorable when he laughs. It kind of makes us want to laugh along with him.

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