Prince William Gives Up the Throne at Kate Middleton's Request, According to Ridiculous Tabloid Report

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Last week, a rumor spread that Kate Middleton and Prince William were "fighting constantly," and Kate had even gone so far as to move in with her parents in order to get away from her husband.

This week, Will and Kate went on a "babymoon" and are reportedly getting along better than ever.

So what changed? Well, according to London tabloid The Globe, Will made an unimaginably huge sacrifice for his wife:

Kate Middleton and Prince William Tabloid Cover

Yes, the Globe would have us believe, that despite marrying into the royal family, Kate has no interest in ever becoming queen.

Many expect Prince Charles to abdicate and hand the throne to his eldest son following the death or retirement of 88-year-old Queen Elizabeth II.

But now "sources" have told the Globe that Will has no interest in being king and has encouraged his father to take the title himself.

"William has officially informed Her Majesty that the pressures of royal life and raising a family at the same time have become too much for his pregnant wife," reads the report. "He has reluctantly made the decision to step aside."

Thankfully, the Globe doesn't go so far as to claim that William will surrender the throne to Harry after his father's reign. 

It remains a real possibility that Charles will serve as king following the end of Elizabeth's reign, but it certainly won't be the result of Will's wife shying away from public life.

Kate may have canceled some appearances recently, but those closest to her have always affirmed that the girl loves being a royal.

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