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Bravo isn’t happy with The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes, according to reports, with execs believing she needs to step up her game.

In the drama department, that is.

Behind the scenes, the network is accusing the reality starlet of not bringing enough drama to the current season, after giving her a huge raise especially.

NeNe Leakes Up Close, Personal

Says an inside source: “NeNe is so over the top and so sassy that when those things didn’t materialize all that often during filming, producers took notice.”

“The bosses aren’t happy at all with NeNe, and think she held back during filming. It’s obvious to fans that NeNe just doesn’t want to be on the show anymore.”

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, things are already amiss. It’s only been two episodes, but things have a drama free feel so far.


Well, relatively speaking of course. It’s still Bravo.

The 46-year-old has come under fire from Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore for being a fair-weather friend and threatened by those who could steal her spotlight.

Leakes dished on her belief that new cast members were desperate for fame. “I don’t like when they come on and they’re doing so much,” she says.

“When we started with me and Kim [Zolciak] way back, we were just being ourselves, and new girls come on and they do so much just to be on camera.”

One insider scoffs at that, noting, “There is no bigger diva in any of the Housewives franchises than her. Period. She can be very, very difficult to work with.”

“She seems to have forgotten that RHOA made her.”​

In any case, the season is still young.

There’s plenty of time for her to bring it like we all expect. But Bravo is paying NeNe Leakes’ salary for a reason, so this report does make some sense.

They have Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore fighting and bringing in the ratings now. They can’t have their biggest star become a wallflower all of a sudden.

Stay tuned!