NeNe Leakes: 13 Wacky Faces We Love

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NeNe Leakes' wacky faces are a treat for anyone who watches The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

1. NeNe: The Side Eye

NeNe: The Side Eye
What's happening here? Is that a wink? Or is she giving someone the side eye?

2. NeNe: Who, Me?

NeNe: Who, Me?
We just can't get enough of NeNe's wonderful wacky faces.

3. NeNe: Happy

NeNe: Happy
NeNe looks pleased as she flashes those pearly whites.

4. NeNe: The Wink

NeNe: The Wink
NeNe Leakes is quite expressive, huh? Just check out this one-eyed move.

5. NeNe: Asking Questions

NeNe: Asking Questions
NeNe asks the important questions. And she wears her heart on her face.

6. NeNe: The Snap

NeNe: The Snap
You better listen up when NeNe Leakes is snapping her fingers.

7. NeNe: Funny Face

NeNe: Funny Face
NeNe's silly faces are priceless. We just love this expression.

8. NeNe: She Knows Best

NeNe: She Knows Best
NeNe knows best. Just watch her finger and learn.

9. NeNe: Let's Get Physical

NeNe: Let's Get Physical
NeNe puts her best work out game face on. Grrrrr. Work it out!

10. NeNe: She's Got Needs

NeNe: She's Got Needs
NeNe knows what she wants. And this face proves it.

11. NeNe: Angry

NeNe: Angry
Don't get on NeNe's bad side. Or she might look at you like this.

12. NeNe: Shocked!

NeNe: Shocked!
NeNe, glass of wine in hand, looks shocked and appalled.

13. I Will Wreck You

I Will Wreck You
Psst ... you got that?

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