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Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and HRM Queen Elizabeth are reportedly not fans of Pippa Middleton’s Today show gig, according to reports.

If you believe the tabloids, both royal family members believe Pippa may be leveraging the fact that her sister married Prince William to bolster her career.

While we don’t necessarily believe it’s as big a deal as some gossip publications would have you believe, the Today job does pose interesting questions.

Does the fact that Pippa will be a correspondent for Lifestyle and Health features, pending a successful test shoot for NBC, impact the royal family at all?

If she rides Kate Middleton’s coattails to this and other jobs without impacting her sister’s life in the least, does it matter if she’s trading on her name?

Have the royals ever actively tried to get Pippa to tamp down her antics and career pursuits? Is there really a conflict of interest in anything she’ll be doing?


There’s no way of knowing.

Obviously NBC would love to take advantage of Pippa’s connection to Kate Middleton, but the odds of that taking shape in any tangible way are slim.

Obviously, there will be those who assume this is some kind of major deal that results in family conflict, but this is likely more speculation than fact.

More than likely, it’s a case of trying to boost its ratings by hiring the beautiful younger sister of the future queen. From a TV angle it makes perfect sense.

It just might be a bit of a stretch to assume anyone at the Palace cares, with Kate Middleton pregnant and already going through quite a lot in her own life.