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Even though he’s an American icon with slew of hit albums to his credit, Bob Dylan is reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy thanks to a marriage no one knew about and a wife who somehow blew through a huge chunk his estimated $180 million fortune.

The National Enquirer reports that the 73-year-old rock legend married secretly married Darlene Springs in 2012. 

The tabloid claims Dylan is now in the process of divorcing Springs after finding out she began blowing his cash on everything from designer clothes to real estate just days after they made it official.

Guess we finally know what possessed Bob to make that Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler:

Bob Dylan Chrysler Commercial

"When Bob found out how much she spent, he hit the roof," a source tells the Enquirer. "He cut off communication with her. He wants a wife to be there for him – but Darlene was too busy shopping."


In addition to the Chrysler ad, his financial may help explain why Dylan’s allowed Kesha to cover his songs, in addition to dozens of other unlikely artists. Apparently, he needs the cash!

Hopefully Bob’s moved on like a Rolling Stone. We’re sure Darlene won’t make him lonesome when she goes. These song title jokes doing anything for ya?