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The pregnant Kate Middleton is expecting a baby girl, according to friends and other sources who somehow claim to “confirm” this as of this week!

Naturally, when it comes to breaking royal family scoop, Life & Style Magazine is the #1 most trusted source around. So who are we to argue with this?

The publication, citing alleged friends, claims that the 32-year-olds’ unborn baby’s gender was revealed to them a few weeks ago, at a doctor’s appointment.

Kate, Will, Elizabeth

The news that Prince George will be having a little sister is undoubtedly exciting. Maybe even enough to end Kate Middleton and Prince William fighting.

One can only hope, right? For the family’s sake?

Kate Middleton’s due date for her daughter is reportedly in April, which means we still have a while to go here, and it casts doubt on this entire story:


If she’s not even at the midway point of her pregnancy, it would be hard (albeit not impossible) to determine the gender of the impending arrival.

If they even want to know it.

They reportedly didn’t find out with George, and while they could obviously reverse course this time, it’s the best way to keep the news from leaking.

How can anyone “confirm” something that no one even knows? Of course, the alleged sources have a 50-50 chance of being right, so we’ll find out.

Until then, let the royal baby name rumors commence, which is undoubtedly more fun to speculate about if she is thinking about girl baby names.

Diana? Camilla? Elizabeth? So many options.