The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 10 Recap: Who Survived Free Agency?

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Free agency came to The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 10 last night.

The latest installment of the NBC hit featured the original rosters being disbanded and new teams being formed, shuffling up the remaining contestants.

Which player took this game-changing twist the hardest Thursday?

As The Biggest Loser Season 16 Episode 10 got underway, the new, switched up teams try to get along and show their new trainers what they are made of.

Dolvett sees that Sonya is having a hard time with this, and tells her that it's part of life, and she has to get used to it and get back to driving herself here.

If you watch The Biggest Loser online, you know celebrity guests are a staple, and this week it's chef Rocco Disprito with his healthy cooking advice.

The teams must make healthy meals for Rocco, who will judge and award a one pound advantage to the winners, which turns out to be the White Team.

Back in the gym before the weigh-in, the teams are comfortable with each other and showing that little has changed their dedication to their goals.

Now it's results time. At Comeback Canyon, Damien has shed eight pounds to Jackie's four, meaning she is going home after a strong run on NBC.

White is up first at the weigh-in. Scott is down nine pounds this week, Lori has shed four, and Rondalee has lost three to round out that team's roster.

Next up is the Red Team: Sonya has dropped six pounds, Rob eight, and Toma nine. Wow. That is going to be a tough total to top, we're going to guess.

For the Blue Team, JJ said goodbye to eight pounds. Jordan's weight has only declined by two pounds, but last up is Woody ... who has lost 15 this week!

That means White loses, and Rondalee is leaving the Ranch. Did the results surprise you? Who do you think will be named The Biggest Loser this fall?

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