Kate Middleton: Pressured to Name Daughter After Camilla Parker Bowles?!

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Is Kate Middleton being pressured to name her second baby after a royal family member? According to one report, yes, but not the name you might think:

It's Camilla!

We imagine, like most celebrity gossip pertaining to Kate Middleton's baby, that this report is total B.S. But if it is true, here's hoping for another boy.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William: OUCH!

According to reports, Camilla is "insisting" that the Duchess name her unborn child after her, if it's a girl, so she can mark her legacy in the royal family.

Apparently, Camilla believes people only know her as “Prince Charles’ wife” or the home-wrecker that came between the heir and Princess Diana.

Maybe so, but we're not sure how that makes it Kate Middleton's problem.

The baby name issue does take on new meaning if they have a girl this time, given options such as Diana or Elizabeth, both of which carry great meaning.

More so to William than Camilla, we're going to go out on a limb and say.

We would also go out on a limb and say that no details, with the exception of Kate's health or just maybe if she were pregnant with twins, are going to be revealed.

Whether she's having a boy or a girl, or two of each or one of each, she may not even find out until the big day what gender(s) we're talking about.

That's one way to quell the constant baby name harassment, and keep Camilla, Diana or Elizabeth extra safe inside her by lowering her stress levels.

Given that Kate is so ill she moved in with her parents? Smart move.

We wish the Duchess and her family all the best in any case.

Suffering through the morning sickness she has would be a challenge for anyone. To add in the fact that she is under so much scrutiny and pressure? Surreal.

Stay strong, K.

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