June Shannon Says Mark McDaniel Has Leukemia, Gets Caught Lying About Their Relationship

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Despite living several years of her life in front of reality TV cameras, June Shannon has seemed noticeably uncomfortable during recent interviews designed to help her rescue her career and public image.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shannon opened up about her relationship with Mark McDaniel in a way that had many viewers crying foul.

"Mama June" insisted that she's only encountered McDaniel in group settings in the months since he was released from prison for molesting her eldest daughter.

Many pointed out that several incriminating photos of Shannon and have surfaced online.

She now says the photos of her and McDaniel in bed are fake, but the claim just seems like a last-ditch effort from a desperate mom who knows she's in the wrong.

The ET interview contained several other bombshells that have caused many critics of June's to suggest that she's simply trying to justify her actions and divert attention away from the fact that she put her children in danger by allowing McDaniel back into her life:

"I didn't know how sickly [McDaniel] was," June said when asked why she would have any sympathy for the man who molested her daughter. "He's got leukemia. He's got all this stuff on him."

Shannon was then asked about photos of her and McDaniel house hunting together. Despite her previous claim that they've not spent time together socially since his release, she replied:

"Yes, but I'm not holding hands."

As maddening as it is to watch this woman get caught lying and not even realize it, the most astonishing portion of the interview comes toward the end, when Shannon is asked why she didn't believe that her daughter Anna had been molested by McDaniel.

"I knew almost nothing about the situation until almost two years ago. Nothing. Nothing."

Mind you, Shannon knew "nothing" about the situation because she wouldn't allow her daughter to talk about it, and she still refuses to read the court documents that detail McDaniel's abuse of Anna.

Earlier today we learned that Shannon was prosecuted for unpaid child support after failing to fork over $100 a month to the woman who cared for Anna after she was molested.

So yeah, Mama June better listen for the doorbell, because that Mother of the Year trophy should be arriving any minute.

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