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Snooki threw her longtime best friend JWoww a surprise baby shower earlier this year, and the cake was revealed this week on MTV’s Snooki & JWoww.

There are no words to describe how awesome slash terrible it is.

Seriously, just let this sink in and see how it makes you feel …

We’re sorry if chocolate sprinkles have been forever ruined for you after seeing this creation, one of the most shocking things we’ve seen on TV in awhile.

And we watch TV online a lot, people.

“It’s like push cake, like get ready to push the baby out of your vag!” Snooki quipped to the then-preggers JWoww, proceeding to explain the cake in detail.

“The cherries resemble the placenta and the blood when the baby comes out,” Snooki said. “And then add the [chocolate] sprinkles for little pubes.”


“Then some sprinkles on the butt hole,” she said, in the interest of keeping this cake as realistic as possible, “because I don’t know if her butt’s hairy.”

Then, of course, there’s the baby.

“Ewwwww!” JWoww exclaimed.

It tasted pretty good, though.

“Not bad,” she admitted.

Later, JWoww turned to her pal and said, “You put a hemorrhoid on it!” Snooki responded simply, “That’s ‘cause you have one!” Good to know, ladies.

How does it compare to other baby shower cakes you have to see to believe? Amazingly, this is far from the first of its kind. Check out this cringe-worthy gallery:

JWoww and Roger Mathews welcomed daughter Meilani back in July, and shortly after, Snooki gave birth to daughter Giovanna, her second child, in September.

Ah, how times change.

It seems like only yesterday they were flashing vadge and getting it in left and right on Jersey Shore. Now their lady parts are being put to use so differently.

They grow up so fast.